Beauty Consultants And Your Well Being

Who does not want to look beautiful? Who does not crave for approving glances and generous compliments about oneself? Beauty is an all-encompassing feeling of physical and mental wholesomeness. It reflects in the physical features and personality of the individual. The need to look and feel good has been felt from time immemorial. When human [...]

Computer Forensics Consulting

Computer forensics consulting is an emerging and fast-growing field in which consulting services are offered to governmental agencies, military, corporations, small companies, and businesses. Computer forensic specialists offer their services in an independent capacity. This means they are not on the regular staff of any agency or institution. Computer forensic specialists can be hired as [...]

Top Advisor Asks: Why Does So Much Coaching and Consulting Skew Towards Training?

A few sessions ago, I was running my class at UCLA Extension: “Building Your Consulting Business,” when a mature, highly experienced student asked a fundamental question about my practice and many others. “Why does so much coaching and consulting skew towards training?” His wife, not in attendance that day, is a trainer in an organization. [...]

Why Most Home Based Marketing Consultants Don’t Make Money – And Why That’s Good News For You

As someone who teaches other people how to make money by becoming a home based marketing consultant, I often hear someone quote to me that, statistically, over 80 percent of the people who start home businesses as marketing consultants fail to make more than $10,000 per year. And they’re right. But what they don’t know [...]

What Makes a Successful IT Consultant

So you’ve decided to go out on your own as an IT consultant? Perhaps you want to be your own boss, work when you want, and of course there’s the money. You’ve got the skills and experience to do the job. Is that all you need? Not quite! The scary thing is now you have [...]